As a specialist in the field of conventional and CNC-controlled precision cylindrical grinding machines, in the last 20 years we have acquired extensive knowledge which forms the basis for our special engineering. We reconstruct older machines in this area for our customers to meet today’s requirements in the area of grinding and clamping of workpieces, expanding the machine to include loading and unloading systems, or building automation aspects completely from scratch for you.

Advantages of M.+M. Mai Special Mechanical Engineering

  • High Quality
    Characteristic of M. + M. Mai special machines is the way we construct them using robust cast steel. In addition, we use the proven V/flat guide for producing perfect surface lines.

  • High Precision
    M.+M. Mai Special Mechanical Engineering exhibit the highest precision in the field of concentricity and diameter. Concentricities

Standardized Processes for the Best Customized Solution

Although each special machine is built according to individual requirements and needs of the client and thus represents a unique piece, all the M.+M. Mai special machines provide a proven and standardized process in which nothing is left to chance.


With more than 20 years of experience, we design the technically ideal solution for your requirements. The project manager remains your direct contact for the entire duration of the project.

Project Planning

In this phase, we clarify with you all the details relating to the construc-tion of your machine. Your individual needs and product require-ments form the frame-work for a clean timing of the project.


The manufacturing is done completely in-house. All the machines are tested and logged in our plant prior to shipment.


All installation and adjustment work at the installation site is carried out by our experienced per-sonnel. If necessary, our technicians will expertly train your operators.

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