MaiBase Platform:
Where anything is possible

Imagine a very compact precision cylindrical grinding machine that is built especially for you - either as a universal machine or as a highly specialized production device. Despite the small dimensions, you can have a double spindle installed with up to 15 kW of power per spindle. But that's not all: all other components and structures are exactly as you need them for your grinding task. In addition, the manufacturer keeps spare parts in stock for your individual model for years and is available to help and advise you if you have any problems.

Now imagine if you got all of this at an extremely economical price. Then you have a rough idea of ​​what the MaiBase platform is standing for. Welcome to the world of endless possibilities.

If the customer task becomes your own

External cylindrical grinding, surface grinding, internal grinding: no two grinding tasks are the same. Sometimes a universal solution is needed, sometimes a highly specialized version. Sometimes it's nuances that make the difference, sometimes it's basic things. We at M.+M. Mai have developed a principle that we have stuck to for years: “Break down the customer’s grinding task into its individual parts – and then rebuild it as an individually designed grinding solution.”

Knowing that the costs of the products manufactured on a machine are made up of material costs, production costs and area costs, we build extremely compact grinding solutions on our platform that require little floor space - without compromising on performance and flexibility.

Constantly switching from one operating logic to another logic not only takes up a lot of time, but can also lead to serious and often costly errors. For this reason, all machines in our platform follow the same operating concept. As a result, your employees can work in one operating world and reliably operate both production machines and universal machines reliably.

The costs for a cylindrical grinding machine do not only consist of the purchase costs. These also include costs for training staff and maintenance costs. In order to keep all of this to a minimum, we rely on many years of experience, proven components and maximum customer involvement. And that always pays off in the end.

Technology that offers many possibilities

In order to be able to develop high-precision universal cylindrical grinding machines as well as tailor-made grinding solutions for straight or angled grinding, technically outstanding individual components are required that can be combined into a unit as required. And that‘s exactly what you‘ll find on the MaiBase platform.

  • 19˝ LCD color screen with touch function
  • M.+M. Mai software with guidelines for an easy program creation on the workpiece
  • IPC operating system Windows 10 IoT
  • Hand panel with axis & speed selector switch
  • FEM-optimized mineral cast bed for highest stability and longevity
  • Mechanical separation from machine and peripherals for thermal stability and minimization of vibration influences
  • Up to 100 kg workpiece weight
  • MK3 and MK4
  • Stroke 20 mm (optional 60 mm and 120 mm)
  • Adjustment range +/-30 μm
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic lifting
Universal workpiece headstock
  • Applications with standing or rotating spindle
  • Speed range 1 – 1,000 min-1
  • Roundness accuracy ≤ 1 μm (opt. ≤ 0.5 μm)
  • Oriented spindle stop
  • MK4, MK5 and MK6 available
  • Linear guide for X-axis, low-maintenance, high-precision
  • Low-wear sliding guide for Z-axis
  • Optical position measuring systems in X- and Z-axis
  • High dynamics due to speed of up to 8 m/min in Z-axis and 8 m/min in X-axis
  • Good overview of the grinding process
  • Centrally and easily accessible interfaces for table structures
  • Well-thought-out accessibility for cost-effective maintenance and service
  • Optionally with automatic door opening
  • Flying 100 Nm
  • Between tips up to 100 kg (depending on variant)
Swivel grinding headstock (B-axis)
  • Significant reduction in non-productive times thanks to rapid swiveling of the fully automatic welding headstock
  • Highest positioning and repeatability thanks to the use of Hirth gearing

Machine types universal

The universal versions from the MaiBase platform have a rotating tower with various spindle configurations, whose precise rotation is made possible by a rotary table with Hirth gearing.

Machine types straight infeed

The cylindrical grinding machines for straight infeed grinding enable highprecision production of cylindrical components and offer customers the advantage of efficient, precise machining with shortened production times.

Machine types angular infeed

These designs are ideal for angular infeed applications, offering customers the benefit of precise angular machining and increased surface finish.

Less space requirementJust great
the small ones

Viewed individually, each machine can be equipped with powerful
drive solutions, which means they have an outstanding ratio between needed floor space and production output.
But the M.+M. Mai machines also impress as a group. Through the possibility of a denser arrangement the same number of machines can be realized on a smaller total area.

Machine bed versions

The newly developed machine bed made of mineral cast not only ensures maximum stability, but also maximum flexibility: In addition to the standard version, you will also find an extended version on the MaiBase platform.

Machine bed details

The machine bed of the MaiBase platform was designed in such a way that subsequent adjustments and technical expansions can be easily implemented:

  • Numerous cable ducts, hydraulic, coolant, lubrication lines, etc. cast in the bed
  • Bed can be heated using two heating coils
  • Drain channels for cooling lubricant
  • Bed flush integrated

X-axis construction

Depending on the machine variant, the X-axis is customised and assembled from mostly identical components.
The right solution for every requirement: The X-axis is available offered and realised in two different drive variants and realised.

Uniform operating logicYou can do one,
you can do all

The look and feel of production machines and
universal machines are identical. For the operating personnel, this means: no loss of time, no need for changeover, no potential

You want to continue using your TSCHUDIN tooling? No problem

As a certified retrofit and repair company and globally recognised expert for TSCHUDIN cylindrical grinding machines, we have ensured that the tooling-relevant components are compatible with those of TSCHUDIN cylindrical grinding machines when developing our cylindrical grinding platform. For owners of such machines, this means that they can continue to use TSCHUDIN standard tools and fixtures on an M.+M. Mai cylindrical grinding machine.

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